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My new favorite gif set. 

I fucking love cats

I fucking lost it at the vacuum.

cats are aliens and i love them



okay so I’ve seen a lot of really cool things around the internet so I thought I’d compile a bunch of references and fun things into one easy post for y’all! this has been a real long time in the making but it’s finally finished uwu (◡‿◡✿)
any links on this masterpost broken? use this!
50 sci fi and fantasy works every socialist should read
a simple unbiased political resource for young adults in the uk
a whole bunch of cv/resume templates
any lipstick colour you want for cheap
college survival masterpost
food for broke college kids
how to answer common job interview questions
how to become an adult
how to look busy even when you’re not
learn languages
need to escape from a bad home situation?
short introductions to politics and other grown up issues
should i vote ukip?
what are my transferable skills?
what the fuck should i make for dinner?
writing a cover letter
24/7 cute animal livestreams
7 cups of tea
cute websites
feeling ok?
feeling stressed?
for when u hav feelings
for when ur sad my lil pumpkin
happy things
positivity tag
trekkie care package
afi’s top 100
all the disney and pixar u could want
animated faves
find a good movie to watch
ghibli \ wes anderson \ sofia coppola
good movies to watch whenever
lgbtqia+ movies
lovely big movie masterpost
ooo scary movies
studio ghibli subs n dubs
totally 90’s
what do you mean we’re not 10 any more?
a whole bunch of delicious recipes
breakfast on the go
cheap and healthy snacks
ever wanted to try lembas bread?
lavender lemonade
make your own vitamin water
microwave mug snacks
my food and recipe tag
no more ramen
quick and easy snacks
quick and easy soups
recipes from your favourite fandoms
smoothie recipes for every occasion
study snacks
supercook ingredient match
thinking about going vegan?
cute games
if ur real bored
coolio psychological games to make u think
easy blanket nest
more cutie games
plants that help bees
realistic drawings and animations of plants
reject someone in elvish
waste time!
write a letter to a disney character
chest binder tutorial
helpcorgi’s gender + sexuality masterpost
if someone tries to tell you your sexuality isn’t natural
lgbtqia+ movies
movies about gay ladies
music monday
resources for cis allies
roundup of the best ya novels w lgbtqia+ characters
simple cami binder
7 cups of tea
anxiety masterpost
bipolar disorder masterpost
depression masterpost
disorder specific coping strategies
feeling isolated?
help w mental illness
if you’re not good at reading body language
need help but low on cash?
panic and anxiety info and resources
read web text more easily
recovering from emotional trauma
recovery resources
a fuckload of free books
back to school masterpost
can’t afford microsoft word?
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exam survival
getting up in the morning
gigantic study masterpost
learn anything | also on youtube
lots and lots of free books
peer-reviewed alternative to wikipedia
pull an all-nighter
remember more of the things you study
simple essay structure
study skills
useful websites
alleviate menstrual cramps
boost your confidence
funny non gendered sex education
love yourself!
more sex ed
on your period?
self help after anxiety
stop biting your nails
stop procrastinating
stop skipping breakfast
super silky summer legs
tumblr saviour for the rest of the web
all the music posts you’ve reblogged
calming noises
daft punk
get shit done mix
music to write to
my mixes on 8tracks
star trek ambient sounds
star trek ds9 infirmary background ambience
when you can’t remember the name of a song
which artist should i listen to next?
brilliant theme makers and other useful things
list of simple theme makers
make your own theme from scratch
the cutest themes on this website
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black comedy written by charlie brooker
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danish political intrigue w subtitles
every star trek episode ever
gangsters in the ’20s - gr8 lady characters
giles &amp; sue
how to watch classic who | now here’s the masterpost!
jack davenport and idris elba fight vampires
paul mcgann fan? you will be after this
series about cool people starting a colony on another planet - if you enjoy babylon 5 and deep space nine you’ll love this
the hour
the x files
twin peaks
cool text tricks
cool sweary insults
cute masterpost full of nice stuff
how to get shit done
how to pack efficiently
imaginedragins’ everything masterpost
learn how to code
literallyrad’s resource masterpost
the everything post
the ultimate writing resource post


My calm down jar!

I made some smaller ones for my classroom in little bottles, but I tend to get anxious or upset about things to the point of having a panic attack…so I made my bottle!

 What are calm down bottle used for?

I personally use mine to relieve anxiety or bad thoughts that come my way, but I know of some parents who use them with their kids who are hyperactive or have spurts of anger. Heck, it’s fine if you want to make one just because it looks pretty darn awesome!

How do I use it?

Whenever you’re feeling stressed, upset, or just plain bored, give your container a good shaking and watch as it swirls around. Wait until all the glitter settles before continuing with the task at hand, or just wait until you’re calm. Don’t be afraid to give it a couple times for you to calm down, everyone is different! :>

How to make one


- Glass OR plastic container (glass is more durable, but will break easier if thrown or dropped)

-Glitter glue OR clear glue

-Food coloring

-Warm water

-Anything that is durable in water! (e.g. glitter, confetti, bouncy balls, glow in the dark stars, polly pockets etc.)


1.Make sure your jar or bottle is clean and free from food or leftover sticky drinks

2. Pour in your glue of choice and make a layer that completely covers the bottom of your container. Depending on your container size, you may want it to be anywhere from 1 cm to 1 in thing (mine is about 2 inches thick with glue). The more glue you have, the slower it will settle.

3. Add the goods! Stuff your bottle with things that calm you or make you happy! Try to avoid things that will disintegrate in water.

4. Add very warm water until it fills it up nearly to the top. Leave some air in the container to make sure it will shake well.

5. Recap your container and secure with super glue

6. SHAKE IT! Make sure everything is swirling and mixing together!

7. Enjoy your calming jar/bottle!

I don’t have exact measurements for these items, so please forgive me! If you want some, there’s several tutorials online that can be found on how to make these settle for a specific amount of time (2 minutes to 20 minutes and so on).

Get shaking!





i wanna feel how dogs feel when you let them go in a big field 










Majestic creatures.


Wolf Moon  by Miguel Aviles